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Şenol Alaaddin Işık
Şenol Alaaddin Işık

Şenol Alaaddin Işık

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  • isik@itohukuk.com

About us:

Graduate: Ankara University, 1989

Bar: Ankara Bar,  Reg. No. 10375, Year of Registration 1991

Field of responsibility: Family law, labor law, information law, civil code, consumer law, and trade law

After completing his education in Ankara Private Yükseliş College, Mr. Işık entered Ankara University School of Law and graduated from it in 1989. Advocate Şenol Alaaddin IŞIK has been practicing law for nearly 30 years under the auspices of Ankara Bar. He has expanded his law firm that he established in 1991 and turned it into a dynamic, experienced and corporate advocacy partnership.

Advocate Şenol Alaaddin Işık also served as an expert in the field of labor law, and contributed to teaching many young colleagues the profession of law by giving lectures in scope of Ankara Bar internship training.

Advocate Şenol Alaaddin Işık speaks English, he is married and has two children.