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Emre Burak Onat
Emre Burak Onat

Emre Burak Onat

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  • onat@itohukuk.com

About us:

Graduate: Ankara University, 2011
Bar: Ankara Bar, 25561
Field of responsibility: Tax law, trade law

Having completed his elementary and high school education (Yusuf Kalkavan Anatolian High School) in Mersin, after ranking 742th in the university entrance exam Emre Burak Onat entered Ankara University School of Law, and graduated from it in 2011.

Mr. Onat spent his internship and the first years of law practice at ITO Hukuk ve Danışmanlık and got his experience in a leading Turkish law office in the field of tax law. Although in 2017, he started working independently, in 2018 he partnered with ITO Hukuk ve Danışmanlık, where he continued his practice. Mr. Onat has been working as an advocate registered in Ankara Bar and now he is in the process of getting his master’s degree in the field of tax law. Mr. Onat speaks English and Russian, and mainly deals with tax and trade law cases. Besides, he conducts mediatory activities under the title of “mediator.”

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